Tips on Home Loan Approval for First-Time Home Buyers

Before you buy a house, you have to analyse your financial capability. Financing the purchase of your house by using only your savings can be difficult. Hence, many people take loans to buy their dream house. The process of getting a loan is pretty lengthy and a lot of factors come into play before your application for a home loan is accepted. Your eligibility for a home loan depends on your income, age, loan repayment history and job stability.

It is recomended to use a loan affordability calculator or sites like BankBazaar home loan eligibility calculator to learn maximum loan amount you can afford with your current earning. Bankbazaar eligibility calculator provides best loan amount quotes by comparing with all major banks and financial institutions in India providing home loan.

If you are looking to take a home loan, then these tips could help in making the process easier for you:

1. Make Enquiries About Your Credit Score

Credit score is a numeric expression assigned by the credit bureaus to you. This figure is determined based on your credit history and ranges from 300 to 900. If you have a credit score over 700, there is a higher chance that a lender will accept your home loan application. This is why it is crucial that you check your credit score before you apply for a home loan. If you notice that your credit score is low, you should take necessary steps to improve your credit score.

2. You Should Make a Budget for Your Homeownership Cost

The value of the house is not the only cost that you need to bear. There are a lot of other expenses that you have to pay-stamp duty charges, registration fee, GST and, paying charges to the municipality. So, keep in mind these expenses and try to reach an approximate figure of these charges so that you can have an estimate of your total loan cost.

3. Get a Pre-Approval for the Loan

If you want an assurance that you will get a home loan, make sure to get pre-approved for the same. Getting pre-approved for a home loan will depend on your repayment history and capacity.

4. Fix Your FOIR

FOIR is Fixed-Obligation-to-Income. This is the ratio of your net monthly income to your total payment of all loans. If this ratio is 50 and more, your loan application might get rejected. It is always better to close your loan and pay all credit card dues for decreasing the ratio.

5. Your CIBIL Report Should Be Error-Free

The credit bureaus will frequently update your credit report. Any missing update or an error on your report can negatively affect your CIBIL score. If you do find any error in the report, immediately report this to the concerned credit bureau and ask them to update the same. This will ensure an error-free credit report and a better credit score for you.

6. You Need Money for down Payment

A home loan does not cover the entire cost of your house. You will have to pay the down payment amount from your pocket. The maximum amount that you can get as a home loan is 80%-85% of your property price. The remaining amount is covered under down payment.

Buying a house not only reflects your financial stability, but also gives you a feeling of pride, and a sense of security. Keep these points in mind before you apply for a home loan so you can be well-prepared for the process.

Winter Car Buying Tips: Benefits of a Pre-Approved Car Loan in the Colder Months

Winter is right around the corner with the warm festivities of Thanksgiving and the start of great car deals. A lesser-known fact amongst car buyers is that the winter season is one of the best times to purchase a car. Early winters are the time when dealers try to clear the inventory of the current year before moving into a New Year.

With less than two months to the close of the year 2020, huge discounts and great car deals are on their way to you. However, the best way to make the most of buying a car in the cold season is to get a pre-approved auto loan.

Why get a Pre-Approved Car Loan this Winter Season?

The power of a pre-approved car loan deal at the end of the year is a road to savings. Let’s find out how:

1. Simplified Car Buying Process

A pre-approved auto loan helps you in more ways than one. You step into the dealership with clarity on the budget, the available car options you can choose from, and the payments that you will be making. Many times, you may overspend on a car when you do not have a clear picture of how much you can afford to pay. However, a pre-approved auto loan will simplify your budget, payments, car options, and your choice to shop around to see who gives you the best winter car deal.

2. Powerful Negotiation

The pre-approved auto loan is the fundamental element of car buying in the winter months. You can negotiate your way to a great interest rate and overall cost-effective car deal with the help of a pre-approved auto loan. In the cold months, when the footfall is less, dealerships are under pressure to close car deals. A pre-approved auto loan will become the offer that a dealer will have to accept if they wish that you purchase the car from their dealership.

3. Easy Approval

A pre-approved car loan means that you tick all the right boxes for car buying, and you are creditworthy. An individual who shops with a pre-approved car loan deal is going to ensure a faster buying process. Moreover, the presence of a good credit score and co-signer can make a big difference in obtaining your new car. Also, you can take the help of online auto financing companies to get the best winter car loan deal. Once you have a great offer in hand, you can negotiate with the dealer to ensure the reduced price of the car.

A Snowy Guide to Win your Next Car

The benefits of a pre-approved car loan are not just in getting a new car but managing your savings as well. Winter months are the right time to strike a great car deal as dealers will offer more incentives to you. Also, they will be eager to make a sale and earn more commission! So, make the most of the car buying process during the winter months and get your favorite car home.

What is a Demat and trading account?

Are you not satisfied with your regular earnings? Do you wish to have an additional source of income? If that’s the case, then trading could be the cure to your disease.

“There are many who wishes the same but only those tastes the success who really work on it.” Therefore, only having a dream is not enough, a proper understanding and awareness are required to implement the plan of having additional money in your hands.

Well, there are many things that are required to be known before trying hands in the trading and investing world, but one thing that confuses the beginners most is the concepts of Demat and trading accounts. There are many who faces difficulties in understanding the difference between these two terms, Demat and trading account.

If you also want to have a crystal clear view of these terms, then read the full article.

What is a Demat Account?

Demat Account also known as the dematerialised account is the one that provides facility of holding shares and securities in an electronic format. At the time of online trading, shares are bought as well as held in a Demat account, therefore stimulating easy trade for its users. A Demat Account holds all the investments that an individual makes in shares, bonds, government securities, exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds in one place only.

What is Dematerialisation?

The process of converting the physical share certificates into the electronic form, which is a lot easier to maintain and is accessible from anywhere throughout the world is known as Dematerialisation. An investor who wishes to trade online is required to open a Demat with a Depository Participant (DP). The objective of dematerialisation is to eradicate the need for the investor to carry physical share certificates and stimulating a seamless tracking and monitoring of the holdings.

How to open a demat account?

In the today’s world, where everything is moving on the online platform, the delay account has also made its way via the Internet. Now, one can easily open the demat account by sitting at his/her home. Here’s the was by which you can apply online for the demat account.

Go to the official website of your preferred DP.
Fill the easy lead form inquiring for your name, phone number and city of residence. After this, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
Enter that OTP to get to the next form. Fill your KYC details such as date of birth, PAN card details, contact details, bank account details, etc.

Congrats!! Your demat account is now open. You will now receive details such as demat account number on your email and mobile number.

What are the advantages of a demat account?

You could avail the following benefits, if you open a demat account:

The traders could make a transaction as per their amenity, making it more convenient and time-saving.
There is no requirement of tiresome paperwork to register transactions.
There’s no risk of theft, delays, or forging of physical copies of share certificates, bonds, etc. as the securities are stocked in an electronic form.
Here you have a single combined platform for holding debt as well as equity instruments.
Automated credits made to registered Demat account in case of bonus, mergers, consolidations, splits, etc.

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What is a trading account?

For buying and selling the stocks, it is necessary to open a demat account as well as a trading account. We have discussed about the demat account, its benefits and the procedure of opening it. But, What is trading account?

A trading account is delivered by a stockbroker, and it enables a user to buy or sell the securities. The trading account of a trader is linked to the bank account for the purpose of providing the essential liquid cash to either buy or sell the securities.

A trading account could be defined as an interface that enables buying and selling of the shares. It is the account that acts as an interface between the investors’ bank and the Demat accounts.

Shares that are purchased through this trading account are credited to one’s Demat account. The shares that are sold are debited from the Demat account and sales proceeds are credited to the bank account.

One thing to note is that there is no restriction on the number of Demat accounts that an individual can avail of.

What is the procedure of opening a trading account ?

The first step that is involved in opening a trading account is choosing a SEBI-registered stockbroker. A broker with a valid registration number that is issued by SEBI is crucial to open a Demat account.
For opening a trading account, an individual has to submit a ‘Client Registration Form’ and other documents well which are prescribed by the SEBI ( the regulator for the securities market in India). An Account Opening form and Know Your Client (KYC) documents must be delivered along with the investor’s identity as well as the address proofs.
These details will hence be ascertained either through a phone call or an in-house visit.
After the verification, the trading account will be processed and the investor will obtain his account details.

What are the Benefits of opening a demat account?

Following are the benefits of trading account:

It is simple to set up and also gives telephonic and online access. An investor does not require to hold physical transactions in order to buy or sell the securities.
This account shows the relation between gross profit and sales. It helps to gauge an investor’s position of profitability.
It also indicates the ratio between costs of goods sold and gross profits.

What is the difference between demat and a trading account?

Though both the accounts are very crucial for the smooth trading in the stock world, there are some points that differs these two accounts. These points are listed below:

A demat account is used to hold the shares in the electronic format that you buy in the share market. Whereas, the trading account works as a link between your bank account and trading account.
Demat account will have a unique demat number, which will be used to uniquely identify your account. On the other hand, trading account will have a unique trading number which will be used to trade in the share market.
Demat account can hold financial instruments like equity shares, mutual funds, government securities as well as exchange traded funds. Whereas, trading account only helps in the act of buying and selling the securities not used to hold any financial securities.
The last point of difference between the two is that, the key role of demat account is to ensure the safety of investor’s shares. While, the key role of trading account is to allow you to carry out trading transactions in the stock market.


As discussed above, the understanding and awareness of both trading and demat account is very important to begin with the process of investing in the trading world.

While, trading account is the one that

helps you buy and sell shares in the stock market, demat account is that one account which acts as a storage to store the shares you buy in digital format.

So, if you are the one who is on his/her way to try the luck in the field of stock market then do clear all your doubts on these two accounts by reading the article once again.

Responsibilities of a Direct Sales Consultant

When it comes to joining a Direct Sales Company, are you aware of your consultant responsibilities?

As a Direct Sales consultant, I feel you need to be held responsible and accountable for your business actions.

Here are the things I think are important in regards to your business.

1. Know Your Company Business Policy. As a Direct Sales Consultant, it’s your job to know and completely understand your companies business policy. Such as:

a. Advertising Rules and Guidelines
b. Meeting Your Company Quota’s On Time
c. Completely Reading Your Consultant Manual
d. Rules and Guidelines In Regards To Team Building/Recruiting
e. Policy In Regards To Your Online Web Site
f. Company Policy In Regards To Reselling Of Products

2. Know Your Local and State Home Business Policies. Every state has different policies regarding home businesses. Before signing up with any Direct Sales Company, make sure you know what is required from you in regards to your home business.

a. Are you responsible for collecting sales tax?
b. Are there any local restrictions regarding running a business out of your home?
c. Local business and occupational work taxes?

3. Attend Company Sponsored Business Training. As a Consultant, it’s your job to attend training sessions offered to you, by your company or upline sponsor. These training sessions are a valuable tool for you.

These training’s can be in the form of: online webinars and chats, teleconferences, message boards, online video training, and offline local group meetings.

4. Know Your Company Products. It’s your job as a consultant to know everything there is to know, about the products you are selling. Take time out every day to educate yourself on the product details and pricing information. One of the best ways to learn and memorize information about your products is to make up product flash cards.

Example: Take 4×6″ index cards. Glue a picture of the product on the front of the card. On the back, list the products price, description and key features.

5. Communication. As a consultant it’s your job to keep in touch with your sponsor and/or upline.

When you have questions or need help, contact your sponsor. As your upline, it’s their job to help assist you with your business. A sponsor is more apt to help you, when they know you are consistently working on your business. Communicating back and forth with your sponsor is ‘key’ for both of you, when it comes to business success.

6. Reordering Of Business Supplies. Consultant’s are responsible for reordering their own business supplies.

Sponsor’s do not know when and if you have ordered new catalogs. They don’t know if you are running low on order forms, business fliers and other necessary supplies. Educate yourself about your companies policies and guidelines in regards to ordering additional business supplies.

7. Customer Service. As a consultant, it’s your job to provide the best customer service that you can, to your party hosts and guests.

You need to frequently communicate with your party hosts. It’s your job to help coach them towards having a successful home party. In regards to customers, you need to take their orders promptly and correctly. When their orders come in, it’s your job to ship or deliver them as quickly as possible.

Make sure you follow up with both party hosts and customers to make sure they are 100% satisfied with their products and your service. If not, work quickly to correct any problems.

8. Work Your Business Consistently. As a consultant, it’s your job to work your business. It is not the responsibility of your sponsor or upline to work the business for you.

As a sponsor, it’s our job to train you and provide the tools to you, so that you can effectively run your home business. However, You need to work on advertising, marketing, and networking your business. You need to work the business, the business does not work by itself. Customer’s do not magically find you.

If you think you are ready to handle all 8 of these ‘key’ business responsibilities, then you are ready to join a Direct Sales Company.

How to Start a Consulting Career – Latest Simple Ways to Start Your Consulting Career

In a nutshell, consulting simply means giving advice for pay. People offering consulting services offer their skills and advice in solving problems and in improving certain processes. They are usually hired by companies or individuals who need outside expertise and objective opinions before they get into the decision-making process. Some consultants specialize in business management while others are offering advices on technological issues. There are some who are focusing their energy on personal issues, training, top-level strategy, and on saving money.

If you want to start a career in consulting, it is very important that you are physically, psychologically, and mentally prepared. For some cases, you will need to acquire several degree and vast experience before you can practice. You will also need to develop or hone certain skills to be more effective in this endeavor.

Here’s how you can start your consulting career:

1. Experience counts. Whether you want to be an independent consultant (self-employed) or you want to get into one of the most prestigious consulting firms, you will need to have a proven track record in your area of specialization to easily convince people do to business with you.

2. Finding clients. If you are just starting out in this field, it would be better if you offer your consulting services to those people or companies that you have worked before. These people will surely have a solid idea about your capabilities and you will not find it challenging to get them to trust you. Be content with working with companies and people that you know — at least for the meantime or until you build an impressive portfolio that you can present to your other potential clients.

3. Taxes and laws. Before you take the leap, make sure that you know the taxes that you need to pay and the laws that you need to abide by based on your place of business. If you are not really familiar with these things, it would better if you can hire a lawyer.

4. Business registration. Even if you are self-employed and even if you are the only one working for your home-based consulting business, you might need to register your business in your state or in your province. If you have other people working for you, you will need to take into consideration the labor laws to avoid complaints or even law suits in the future. Get to know the minimum wage rates, workplace safety laws, and payroll deduction that are applicable in your province or state.

Management Consultant – 6 Hidden Secrets to Become a Management Consultant

Management consulting refers to a business practice that aim to help companies or organizations in improving their performance by analyzing the existing business problems and by developing plans of action for improvements.

Individuals who have the capabilities to assess and solve specific business problems may fit well as management consultants.

Here’s how you can become a management consultant:

1. Get a college degree. It is very important that you have a degree in business, accounting, and other related study before you sink your teeth into this endeavor. Companies, particularly the big ones, give so much credit to those people who have related educational background for obvious reasons.

2. Get relevant experience. Most companies require that you have at least 3-5 related experience before they will hire you. If you are just starting out, it would help if you can take advantage of relevant internship programs where you can offer your consulting services for free. Although you will not make money in the process, the experience you will obtain will help you get farther in this field.

3. Specialize. You’ll easily be able to obtain an expert status in your chosen industry if you specialize. Consider your skills and decide if you want to focus on business law, information technology, or accounting. You can also become a general business consultant provided you have at least 10-15 years related experience.

4. Improve your interpersonal skills. As a consultant, you will surely work with diverse group of people so it is important that you have exceptional interpersonal skills. Today, there are so many trainings and seminars that you can take advantage of so you can improve this particular skill.

5. Get certified. If you are practicing in the United States, I recommend that you get certification from the Institute of Management Consultants. This organization will not only supply you with in-depth knowledge about this field but will also allow you to make contacts with industry leaders who can surely offer you with amazing insider tips and techniques.

6. Sell your services. After getting the required degree and certification, you are now ready to offer your services to your prospects. Create a powerful resume that talk volumes about your expertise and experience and have them distributed to all consulting firms and companies where you would like to work at. You may also ask your previous employers or college professors to recommend you to business owners that they personally know of.

A Marketing Consultant – 5 Golden Benefits

What if you discovered how your marketing consultant can help you to boost your website profits right through the roof? Do you want to know what it takes to make massive money online starting today hiring a marketing consultant?

Here are 5 simple steps to get you started easily.

Step 1 – Hiring a marketing consultant saves massive time.

Step 2 – Helps you to setup a strategic plan of action based on your goal.

Step 3 – Helps to clear all your road blocks that you might face if you happen to go all alone.

Step 4 – Helps to setup a highly targeted traffic generation plan.

Step 5 – You will discover some highly profitable cash-engines that only experts will know.

The purpose of this article is to get you started on the right track making easy money online. Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Hiring a marketing consultant saves massive time.

Would it be intelligent if you go on for years figuring out how to set up a successful Internet business?
Or it would be more intelligent to hire a marketing consultant and seek his help to set up a powerful Internet business of your own in next one month. Marketing consultant will easily help you to set up a step-by-step action plan to boost your Internet marketing campaign.

Step 2 – Helps you to setup a strategic plan of action based on your goal.

Marketing consultant can easily help you to setup a step-by-step action plan to market your products and services starting today. This will make it possible for you to jumpstart your promotion campaign and start making sales online. There will be many speed breakers on your way to achieve Internet success therefore make sure to follow your marketing consultants advise.

Step 3 – Helps to clear all your road blocks that you might face if you happen to go all alone.

There will be many speed breakers on your road to achieve massive Internet success and your marketing consultant will make you aware of them and help you easily to boost your product sales. Website traffic generation will determine the amount of sales you make therefore make sure you setup a highly powerful traffic generation plan.

Step 4 – Helps to setup a highly targeted traffic generation plan.

Without traffic your website will fail and you cannot expect to make any sales out of your website. Therefore it is extremely important that you setup very powerful daily traffic generation blueprint that you can use to move towards your end goal. There are simple cash engines to setup to boost your Internet profits that consultants will easily make you aware of.

Step 5 – You will discover some highly profitable cash-engines that only experts will know.

There are many powerful profit generation systems that you can use in your Internet business that will increase its profitability at massive speed. Marketing consultant will be aware about that and will help you to set up the systems on your website to take it to the next level.

Corporate Consulting – How to Make $7,500 Monthly by Being a Corporate Consultant

Corporate consulting is practically a professional service offered by the experts to assist businesses (regardless of their size) in achieving goals or in developing processes that can lead to their success. Corporate consultants can offer training people that can lead to a strong corporate structure, fine tuning the company’s processes and operations, evaluating of the existing structure, etc. Corporate consulting can target specific areas within the business or can address the overall function of a particular organization or company.

Here’s how you can make $7,500 monthly by sinking your teeth into corporate consulting:

1. Provide training and develop skill sets for the management team. As a corporate consultant, you need to be able to train key people within an organization so they can perform better. Start by assisting them in understanding their roles in the business and offer them great advices as to how they can maximize their effectiveness not only to boost their potential but also for the good of the company that they are serving. You will need to train and develop the skills sets of the management team to make sure that the abilities and talents of the member of the management will be utilized to best advantage in the task of reaching the goals and objectives of the company.

2. Ensure efficiency. As a consultant, you can also address the cohesion or efficiency of a particular department or section within an organization. Let me give you an example; if the company wishes to improve their training programs, you may be called in to analyze or evaluate the efficiency of their training programs. You may attend some of their trainings to figure out the flaws or areas of opportunities. You can then offer suggestions or recommendations as to how the business can make their training programs more effective. They may need more effective trainers, more visual aids, more training time, etc.

3. Increase sales. Another role of a corporate consultant is to help businesses when their products or services begin to lose market shares. As a consultant, you will need to investigate the reasons behind any loss and provide great ideas as to how business can turn the situation around. You may also need to help in developing sales and advertising campaign to make sure that the company can easily reach out to their target market that can lead to more sales and revenue.

Knowing all these things and more can make you the best or even the highest-paid corporate consultant out there.

How Can I Take My Consulting Business From a Kitchen Table Idea to Full-Time Work?

If you are thinking of consulting as a profession or business model then this is the article for you. Starting with just your own specialized knowledge of a topic and a little hard work, you can easily build your consulting practice into a full-time income. Read on to find out how.

Consulting can be a challenge to get into, just because of the sheer amount of consultant available. However, if you specialize correctly into your niche, you will be able to position yourself as the only show in town. When you are starting a consulting business, you need to make sure that you follow these 5 steps to get your business off the groud:

1. Start with a free email list and “practice” your consulting ideas on these customers. They have paid nothing for your service and you can try different solutions on them to see how your ideas measure up to the rest of your industry.

2. Offer your service to non-profit groups in your niche for a discounted rate if they are willing to become some of your first customers. This is the place where you will create a system for your consulting, where you can just plug in the customer’s information and create a proven method to assist businesses in your niche, no matter what their problem is.

3. Don’t take on too many customers. You may only be able to handle one at a time until you get your system developed. This is ok. You want to make sure you provide a very high level of service, especially since you want to create a good first impression.

4. Make sure you save all of the work you have done. You never want to repeat anything that you can re-create for another business. You work does not have to be unique for each company, they just want results. What worked for one company may very well work for another.

5. Get proper legal advice, contracts etc. in order to protect yourself. Make sure you have some type of contract that will explain how and when you get paid, what you are not liable for and other aspects that need protection. Of course  you are operating with the customer’s interest at heart, but we all give bad advice on occasion and you don’t want to lose you life’s savings because of it.

Business Consulting Firms – How to Select One?

What if you discovered how to select a top-notch consulting firm which will help you to achieve your dreams and help you to solve your problems?

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started…

Step 1 – Checkout testimonials of past customers.

Step 2 – Look out the modules that they are providing in their consultation program.

Step 3 – Focus in getting consultation on specific topics rather than a general one.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily…

Step 1 – Checkout testimonials of past customers.

It is extremely important that you check out the results that the consulting firm has provided to their past clients. You can check out the testimonials on their website or personally contact their clients and ask them their experience.

If you do this you will get an idea as to how you need to get started with. Make sure you check out what are the exact modules that they are providing…

Step 2 – Look out the modules that they are providing in their consultation program.

It is extremely important that you check out the benefits that you will be receiving from their expertise.

Check out whether they will be helping you out personally one on one by arranging their expert team member with you who communicates with you on regular basis.

It is important that you get consultation on very specific topics in your niche…

Step 3 – Focus in getting consultation on specific topics rather than a general one.

If you do a mistake of getting consultation on a very general topic you will not get the best value for money.

It is an intelligent decision that you break down your general topic into very specific once and get a personalized expert consultation on the specific topics which will finally help you to master the general topic in the long run.